Oriental Wedding Icon Meanings

There are a number of symbols https://www.newadvent.org/cathen/15254a.htm and traditions associated with Oriental weddings. From your opulent cheongsam dresses to the regular lion move, there are a variety of elements that can make an Asian marriage unique and full of which means.

The Chinese twice happiness symbol (also called shuangxi) is one of the most popular wedding symbols in China and round the world. asian mail order brides The twice happiness symbol is composed of two standard individuals which means that “happiness. inches It is often noticed crafted in red on wedding accents and gift items for bride and groom.

Offshore animal symbolism is another common aspect to see for weddings. The dragon and phoenix are two of the most used mythical family pets to see by weddings as they are believed to deliver luck, love, and wealth. They may be commonly embroidered on the celebrity of the star of the event and groom’s outfits or worn as head-cover inside the bride’s hair.

Other well-liked Chinese marriage symbols include the jujube fruit and nuts. The jujube fruit signifies fortune and fertility, while the peanuts represent health and longevity. Together they are really considered a very lucky combo and is found in various Chinese wedding food baskets.


The yusheng is yet another well-known Asian wedding tradition that requires passing a bowl of rice to the bride and groom for good luck. The yusheng is likewise traditionally dished up with a selection of different types of sea food and vegetables. The most important thing to consider is to maintain your yusheng fun and light-hearted so that it basically taken too seriously.