Unusual Legal Questions Answered

Guaranteed Maximum Contract

Guaranteed maximum contracts are commonly used in construction projects to set a limit on the total cost of the project. Understand the legal obligations associated with these contracts to protect yourself and your business.

Employment Agreement vs Employment Contract

Do you know the key differences between an employment agreement and an employment contract? Learn about the legal nuances and which one may be more suitable for your specific work situation.

Are Old Tenners Still Legal Tender?

Curious about the status of old tenners? Find out if old tenners are still legal tender and what your legal rights and obligations are when dealing with old banknotes.

Legal Writing Teaching Jobs

Are you interested in a career in legal education? Explore opportunities in the field of legal writing and find out how to secure teaching jobs that focus on the art of effective legal communication.

Mid Size Law Firm Associate Salary

Considering a career in a mid-sized law firm? Learn about the average salary and benefits that you can expect as an associate in a mid-sized law firm.

As Is Car Sales Contract

Buying or selling a car with an “as is” clause? Get a legal overview of as-is car sales contracts and what they mean for both buyers and sellers.

How to Buy Contracts

Interested in purchasing legal contracts online? Check out the ultimate guide on how to buy contracts and gain valuable tips for navigating the legalities of contract purchases.

What is a Contract in Contract Law

Delve into the fundamentals of contract law and get a clear understanding of what constitutes a contract and how legal agreements are formed within this area of law.

Principles of International Financial Law

Explore the key concepts and regulations that govern international financial law, providing a foundation for conducting financial transactions on a global scale.

Legal Parking Distance from Junction

Get acquainted with the rules and regulations regarding legal parking distance from junctions to ensure compliance with traffic laws and avoid potential fines or penalties.